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Session Ranges Finder


Hi traders ! I hope you are well today ! 

I’m pretty happy to present you my new indicator ! 

Who will find and draw on the chart the ranges based on openning hours of the different market places in the world ! 

Why you should have this indicator ? 

– Stop losing your time waiting for the great opportunity in front of your screen and start enjoying your life ! The indicator will send a notification to your mobile phone so you can do anything else waiting for the opportunity. 

– It’s 100% customizable, you can remove the zone you don’t want, change the hours and the ranges even the colors are up to you ! 

– What are you waiting for ? Start make some profit out of the market right now ! 

What time frame should I use ? 

Please note than this indicator work best in 5/15M Time frame. But could be used any Time Frame 

How to define your entry ? 

Don’t worry at all the indicator will send you a message each time a canddle fully pop outside the range. (He can send you a notification on your phone if you connect it with Mt5)

How to define your stopLoss

I usualy use the other side of the range (The High if i’m in a sell trade, The Low if i’m in a buy trade)

But I found out than it’s better to put it twice the distance and wait a canddle to close under your stoploss to close the position, it avoid fake stop loss who usaualy occur. 

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How to define your TP1 

Simply using the size of the range : 

Tp1 = Entry Size Of The Range

Tp2 =  Tp1 = Entry Size Of The Range * 2 

As soon as you touch the Tp1 you put the stop loss at your entry price to avoid risk. 

You can use a trailing instead of Tp2 depend on you. 

Last advice : 

I recommend you use bigger timeframe to establish a long time trend and only take position in this direction. 

Have fun and make huge profit ! 

Sacha, your humble servant 


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