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The SFO Trend Racer system is a trend indicator created by the CEO and founder ofSimple Forex Options,Tevin Marshall. It is capable of performing 6 different functions. It shows the entry signals as well as the exit signals, whether it is a take profit or a stop loss. It also uses trend filters and confirmation signals so that the trader can make the most logical decision. Trend Racer uses various filters and specific settings from a variety of indicators. The beauty of this indicator is that it is self-regulating. If the market situation contradicts the value of the signal, there are precautions to avoid large losses and enter the market in a more suitable direction. This indicator aims to detect the trend as early as possible in order to capture the largest part of it. Below are the rules and recommended filters to ensure easy trading and a complete understanding of the market sentiment.

  • Blue arrow: buy signal
  • Red arrow: sell signal
  • Blue line: confirmation of purchase
  • Orange line: confirmation of sale
  • Blue check mark: recommended take profit level for a buy position
  • Red check mark: recommended take profit level for a sell position
  • Blue cross: recommended exit level for a buy position
  • Red Cross: recommended exit level for a sell position
  • Blue support: critical buy area during a reversal
  • Red support: critical selling area during a reversal

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Rules: close the position when the “cross” or “tick” icon of the corresponding color appears. You can also close a position when a confirmation line or an arrow appears in the opposite direction. First of all, the “cross” is intended for stop-losses, and the “tick” is intended for take-profits.

Strong confirmations:

  • Send_Email: sending messages by email, true/false
  • Audible_Alerts: sending audio signals, true/false
  • Push_Notifications: sending push notifications, true/false

*It is recommended to use this indicator on the H4 and D1 timeframes. The best pairs to trade are those with a smooth trend.

Attention: the indicator should be used wisely and to help your trading system. This system does not promise any profit or winning percentage. Use wisely at your own risk. Take profit and stop loss levels are recommendations, apply them as you see fit. Enjoy your use


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