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Shepherd Elliot Wave


The indicator automatically detects Elliott Waves on any timeframe and displays them on the chart based on complex algorithms.

  • Searches for points and draws lines automatically
  • Ease of use
  • The most advanced Elliott Wave indicator
  • You can use it as part of an Expert Advisor

When a wave pattern appears, enter the market and keep the trade open until the price reaches the potential price rectangle. Keep in mind that this doesn’t always happen. I recommend installing the indicator on several timeframes with several zigzag values to see all the models.

  • Use_System_Visuals-enable / disable system styles
  • Bearish_Wave_Color – the color of the bearish wave
  • Bullish_Wave_Color – the color of the bullish wave
  • More_Accuracy-enable / disable the accuracy of waves (waves are plotted using custom Fibonacci proportions)
  • FontSize – font size for all texts created by the indicator
  • FontColor – font color for all texts created by the indicator
  • Proportions_View – show / hide proportions
  • Proportions_Color – the color of the proportions
  • Potential_Reverse_View – show / hide the rectangle of the potential U-turn
  • Show_Targets – show / hide the rectangle of the potential target value
  • Targets_Color – color of the target level
  • CountBars-historical bars for calculation
  • zzDepth – zigzag depth
  • zzDev-zigzag deviation
  • zzBack – return of the zigzag
  • UseAlert – enable / disable alerts
  • UseNotification – enable / disable push notifications
  • UseMail – Enable / disable email notifications
  • Use_Panel-enable / disable the information panel

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  • If you have any suggestions, write them in the comments.
  • Feedback is welcome.


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