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SignalFinder is a multi-currency indicator that displays information on the trend direction for several currency pairs and timeframes on a single chart.

Main features:

  • It is set on a single chart.
  • The trend is determined on the last closed bar.
  • Clear and simple interface.
This is a demo version of the SignalFinder indicator. Only 30% of the information is displayed.

Input parameters:

  • Symbols – currency pairs.
  • TimeFrames – time periods (timeframes).
  • Ranking – enables / disables ranking.

Ranking-sorting of currency pairs depending on the stability of the signal. The count in the row is directed from right to left.

The list of currency pairs and timeframes is separated by commas.

If the currency pair or timeframe does not exist or is entered with an error, then they will be marked in crimson in the table.

Indicator signals:

  • The blue up arrow is the last closed bullish candle.
  • The red down arrow is the last closed bearish candle.
  • Gray dot – the opening price is equal to the closing price of the last closed bar.
  • Yellow dot – loading history.
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