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Using Fibonacci lines has never been simpler.
Here is “SimpleFibonacci”
Just enter the entry levels.
For example; Buy_Fibonacci_Level_0
When the previous lowest price reaches Level 0 and the current price is higher than Level 0 and lower than Level 236, the Buy position opens.
If you entered the Buy_TP levels, your TakeProfit point is calculated by subtracting the Slipaj_Value value from the level you entered, and your transaction is closed there.
You will love SimpleFibonacci ..
500 $ for a short time ..
Please let me know what you would like me to improve.
A Academy Wishes Abundant Earnings ..
Abdurrahim Aras
International Trade Specialist
A Markets Introdoctr Broker
instagram: arasinvestm
telegram: t.me/aacademyfx
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