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This panel allows to open one trade at a time with a determined stop loss/take profit (or none if they are set to 0) and has some built in position sizing calculations.

MT4 Version

MT4 Version


-Risk Calculation Mode: percentage of balance (stop loss required) or fixed lots.

-SL/TP Mode: set the stop loss or take profit at a certain distance from the price or at a fixed price.

-Maximum slippage: slippage parameter for the trades (low slippage may cause some trades not to open or be modified).

-Expert Magic number: magic number of the trades (to avoid interferences with other experts).

-Modify external trades: Apply modifications to any trade or only to those with the same magic number.

Panel Inputs and Buttons

-Risk/Lots input

-Stop Loss (if it’s 0 in any mode, no stop loss will be used).

-Take Profit (if it’s 0 in any mode, no take profit will be used).

-Buy/Sell: opens a trade with your determined risk/lots, SL and TP (if possible).

-Sl to breakeven: sets the stop loss to the open price (if possible).

-Close all: close all trades in the active symbol.

-Modify SL/TP: changes the SL or TP to the values in the inputs.

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