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Simple Position size Lot calculator panel


(Translated from Google)
You no longer need to calculate the size of your position.
Set the risk amount to% (depending on your balance), and then find your StopLoss level of your potential position, and your trade
it will be executed with the correct position size.
You have the option to close all your floating positions on the instrument you are currently on by clicking the button
How to use it?
Attach the Expert Advisor to the chart and set its parameters.
Click on the STOP button and find the horizontal line to your potential StopLoss level.
Double check the risk you set earlier. If you want to zoom in / out, click the plus ( ) / minus (- ) button.
Finally, click on the “Buy / Sell” button.
Enjoy 🙂
Input parameters:
“True means that your confirmation is not needed to complete the transaction!” – If you set False, it means that if you commit
execution (BUY or SELL), a message box appears, and you must confirm the execution of the transaction.
“Percentage risk based on balance (subject to change later)” – for example, 1 means that your risk on each of your trades will be
be $ 100 if the current balance is $ 10,000. This percentage can be easily changed on the chart at any time
time by pressing the “minus” button ( – ) and the “plus” button ( ).

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The other inputs are for design only (colors, text, etc.).)
Feel free to contact me if you need more help.


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