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Sizer is a small application for calculating position size based on fixed hazard and prevent lack size. The tool is designed in a minimalistic design so you do not get in how. You can easily hide it using a single as long as you won’t want it.

  • Calculates position size based on pre-defined risk and stop loss size (in points).
  • reveals the profit-risk ratio (quantity of R).
  • is easily concealed until you need it.
  • level lines can be easily switched from foreground to background with a single click.
  • Click the Reset button to move the lines to the rightmost candle on the chart.
  • Remembers levels even when you switch the timeframe or turn off the terminal.

  • Risk amount per trade – the amount of risk per trade
  • Amount based on the amount of money | % of own funds | % of balance | % of the available funds.
  • Entry line – color of the entry line
  • Stop line – color of the stop loss line
  • Target line – color of the take profit line
  • Opacity-illusion of background transparency [0..1]

  • Click the Sizer button again to hide the tool.
  • Press the Reset button to move the lines to the right-most bar if they have left the screen.
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