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Ska ZigZag BuySell indicator determines the overbought and oversold regions within a trend. The indicator determines the overbought
region by the candlestick high and the oversold region by the candlestick low. This indicator only gives signals with arrow and audible
alerts each and every time when a new candlestick appear. To utilize the full strategy i recommend using “Ska ZigZag BuySell” together with
“Ska ZigZag Line”. The Ska ZigZag Line indicator is available for free.

NOTE: Indicator is highly recommended for Fundamental (News) Trading.  


  • Sell Signal; Place a sell trade when the indicator draw a down arrow on top of the candlestick high
  • Buy Signal; Place a buy trade when the indicator draw an up arrow below the candlestick low


For an additional indicator, use Stochastic indicator. [Get the settings below].

K Period=10

D Period=3



This indicator was tested to all major and minor currency pairs. It was also tested in indices, commodities, indexes and futures. To trade
successfully using this indicator We recommend that you only trade best trending major pairs.

For more info and inquiries kindly send me an email:

[email protected]   

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