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“SMART EXIT” is a unique high-precision indicator designed for professional Forex trading. The indicator
can work on more than 20 currency pairs and provides up to 85% of successful trades daily. On average, about 30 accurate signals per week,
no redrawing or lagging. In its strategy, the indicator uses the best professional algorithm with unique logic,
which is an exclusive author’s development among all existing algorithms. This is a trading technique that you can
earn and have a high stable income even for beginners.

Accurate signals for opening and closing trading positions – this is an opportunity for everyone to earn according to a proven trading
algorithm. If you have ever thought about how to determine the best entry and exit point in a trade, the “SMART EXIT” indicator is the best
better cope with this difficult task.

The indicator has been tested and fully tested in real trading during 2018-2019. This allows you
to safely earn a good profit at a distance. A year and a half of development and testing in market conditions –
the “SMART EXIT” signals have been tested by time and results.

The high-precision “SMART EXIT” indicator is a way to make a profit without risk and with a detailed plan of action on more than 20 currency pairs. You
will be able to trade as a Scalper, Intraday or Long-term Trader, depending on your preferences. Using this
indicator, you will turn your losses into profits and, with a competent and reasonable use of the indicator and the approach to the trading process in
general, you will earn from 30% or more per month.

1.5 years of personal experience in one file!

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The SMART EXIT indicator has a convenient set of settingsthat you can always easily change based on your
preferred trading style.

The Frequency and Multiplier parameters are responsible for the frequency of input signals. This option allows you
to adjust the input signal to make more frequent and short-term, or more rare and long-term trading decisions.

In turn, the parameters Period, Deviation, Step-they are responsible for the frequency of the signal to exit the

You can also adjust the accuracy of the signals for the exit from the long and short positions in more detail – the following parameters are responsible for this:

Hiedge – to exit the long (the lower the value, the more accurate the signal is, usually values from 5 to 30 are used),

Loedge-respectively, to exit the short (the signal is more accurate the higher the value, the recommended values are from 70 to 95).

The indicator also draws a line that clearly indicates the direction of the current trend, as well as helps to correctly set the
Your stop order
-it is recommended to set it behind the line with a margin of several points.

The default settings of the indicator already have ready-made settings for intraday trading on the hourly chart.

The “SMART EXIT” indicator is a full-fledged trading system. Thanks to the unique algorithm, redrawing
of the indicator signals is excluded

Your task is only to choose the optimal parameters for your trading style and follow the instructions of the indicator in a timely manner,
observing the basic rules of risk management and money management.


does not guarantee You will get a profit with this software product! Even despite the high quality of signals
offered by this trading indicator, this does not negate the need for you to have the necessary knowledge base, understanding of the market and the ability to
correctly risk your funds! Anything can happen in the market, you must have a clear idea of how to act in the
event of force majeure! Never use more than the amount you are willing to lose in trading, without compromising you and your financial well-
being! Never use in one transaction an amount exceeding 1-5% of your deposit! Always
use a stop order in your trading!
Trading on the financial markets involves high risks!


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