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Smart Harmonic Pattern


A SMART HARMONIC PATTERN is an indicator that scans the market for potential geometric formations using
mathematical formulas related to Fibonacci. This creates complete recognition in the graphical history and dwell price without needing a
comprehensive investigation, as everything is calculated by the same indicator. You can also work with older formations and
comprehend the current trading amounts that are automatically displayed on the graph, and all this just once you click on the formed pattern. It
has innovative settings, so you can customize everything to your liking. SMART HARMONIC TEMPLATE has an advanced system of
predictions possible in the future and in the near market, a whole system of complex calculations that are automatically displayed on the chart, but you only
need to make investments at the levels provided by the indicator when you click on it. These levels have: stop loss level,
so you can add a safe loss limit with risk management, two entry lines so that you can automatically enter the market
or make a double confirmation by programming the operation, and 3 levels of take profit or take profit so that you adjust the profit
according to your preferences. In addition, it has a percentage accuracy calculation system, so that it only shows patterns with a
high success rate.

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