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The Smart Help indicator is an excellent assistant for both a novice trader and an experienced one. It consists of 3 parts:

The first is the signals for entering and exiting trades in the form of arrows. The up arrow indicates an uptrend, and the down arrow indicates a downtrend.

The second shows the direction of the current trend and its strength.

The third is information about the state of the currency pair. The current price is shown at the top. Below it: the maximum and minimum of the day, the distance between them (in points), the average daily range of the price, the spread, the minimum distance to the stop loss, the time to close the candle.

The indicator does not redraw its values.

  • Strength– indicator period
  • Alerts – whether to use an audible alarm when a signal appears
  • Show_Info – whether to show information
  • MobileAlerts-whether to send a message to the mobile terminal when a signal appears
  • EmailAlerts – whether to send a message to an email when a signal appears
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