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The SmartMass indicator is based on the assumption that during periods when the volume increases, there are “uninformed” investors in the market. On the other hand, when the volume decreases, the positions are occupied by professionals and experienced investors. This indicator is based on the ideas described in the book “The Logic of the Stock Market” by Norman Fosbak. I added my own algorithm for reliability and chose the best examples from practice.

SmartMass is a useful indicator. Combined with basic knowledge of price behavior, the indicator is a great tool for making trading decisions. The best settings are the result of two years of testing various signals, shown in the examples on the attached charts. There are four types of settings:

  • Breakouts and pullbacks in strong bullish and bearish breakouts
  • Breakouts and pullbacks in strong bullish and bearish channels
  • Breakouts and pullbacks in weak bullish and bearish channels
  • Position reversal after the main trend line breakout (different reversal patterns: flags, wedges, double top and double bottom, head and shoulders, triangles, etc.)

Always use Stop Loss as a precautionary measure. It is not recommended to use the indicator in a narrow trading range. The indicator is applicable for trends, channels, and reversals.

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Have a good trade.


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