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The indicator shows the candle pattern “Three white soldiers Three black crows”on the chart.

Three white soldiers are painted blue. Three black crows are painted red.

Input parameters:

  • Max Bars – the number of bars calculated on the chart.
  • Make Signal Alert – use an alert.
  • Type of pattern rules – use a strict pattern definition model (short lower shadows for three soldiers, short upper shadows for three crows), or a simplified pattern definition model.
  • Max Shadow Ratio – the coefficient of the length of the shadows relative to the body of the bar (used when choosing a strict pattern definition model).
  • Only three in a row – only three bars in a row. In front of the soldiers – a bear bar. In front of the crows is a bull bar.
  • Set MA Filter-filter settings for the MA intersection of the first of the 3 bars.
  • MA Filter Enabled-use the filter at the intersection of the MA of the first of the 3 bars.
  • MA Method – MA averaging method.
  • MA Period – the MA period.
  • MA Price Type – the price type used.
  • Set MACD Filter-filter settings for the MACD indicator.
  • MACD Filter Enabled-use a filter based on the MACD indicator.
  • MACD Fast – fast of the MACD indicator.
  • MACD Slow – the slowness of the MACD indicator.
  • MACD Signal – the signal of the MACD indicator.
  • Set DG Filter-dodge filter settings.
  • DG Filter Enabled-use the dodge filter (if one of the 3 bars is a dodge, the pattern is not displayed on the chart).
  • Delta Open Close(Pips) – the minimum difference between the Open and Close bars in points to determine the dodge.
  • Set Grow Filter-filter settings for maximum growth.
  • Grow Filter Enabled – use the filter for maximum growth.
  • Max Grow High-Low (Pips) – the maximum difference between the High and Low of the first and third bars.

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Recommendations for use in conjunction with the SMA filter:

SL is set at high (for crows) plus a few points, low (for soldiers) minus a few points of the second bar.

If after opening a position on the following bars, the price movement in the desired direction slows down, or a reverse reversal pattern appears (for example, Pin Bar), then we close the position.

The position should also be closed if the price has touched SMA (20).

It is recommended to use it on timeframes H1 and more.


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