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   Spark EA is a fully automated trading expert, which is based on a trend trading system based on custom technical indicators. The main advantage of this system is that the potential profit exceeds the potential losses by several times.

The MT5 version can be found here;

monitoring here;

The starting price is $250 for 20 copies;
The next price will be => $500;
The last price in the amount of – $1000;
The price will be held until the number of buyers reaches the limit.

I sell my Expert Advisors only on mql5.com . If someone sells this Expert Advisor on other resources, they are scammers.

    He does not use any toxic methods in trading, such as Martingale, Grid and similar Grails, where there is always a possibility of a complete drain of his invested capital. Each trade on a trading instrument is protected from losses by Stop Loss. Entry into the market is carried out with the help of pending Stop orders, which allows you to filter out some of the unprofitable trades at once.

   The trading expert has passed the test for almost 10 years of history using tick data with a testing quality of 99.90%, a floating spread and a delay in order execution. The test results can be seen in the screenshots below.

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  • The amount of profit is always several times greater than the loss on a trading instrument;
  • It is not sensitive to spreads, slippage, but it is better to choose an ECN broker;
  • Due to a small number of transactions, funds are saved on the brokerage commission;
  • The Expert Advisor opens only pending orders, thereby filtering out unprofitable transactions;
  • The Expert does not need Set files to work. You only need to configure the MoneyManagement parameters.


  • The Expert can only trade on such currency pairs: USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURJPY.
  • Working timeframe:  H4;
  • Trading time (trading session): any;
  • You can trade through any broker, but it is better to choose an ECN broker;
  • Leverage: from 1:10 and more;
  • Deposit size: from $200 and more;
  • Recommended risk value: 2%;
  • It is recommended to use a VPS server with low latency.


  • TradingFrom – trading time at the beginning of the day;
  • TradingTo – trading end time at the end of the day;
  • MoneyManagement – whether to use the money management mode in trading. If true, the lot size will be calculated as a percentage of the deposit. If the value is false, the lot size will be fixed;
  • Lots – fixed number of lots;
  • Risk – risk as a percentage of the size of the depot;
  • MaxLots – the maximum allowed number of lots when trading. You can set the value according to the value of your broker;
  • SomeComment – a comment that will be included in the transaction;
  • MagicNumber is a magic number. It must be unique for each currency pair.


   This trading Expert is very easy to install. Just run it on the H4 chart of one of the currency pairs it supports and select your preferred values. In order to correctly choose the start time of trading and the end time of trading, see the additional instructions in the Discussion tab.


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