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Spread Record Lite MT5


Using. The Spread Record indicator displays the spread for each price bar in the form of a bar chart. Five values are stored as spread values:

  • The spread level at the time of the opening of the bar;
  • The maximum spread level reached during the bar;
  • Minimum spread level reached during the bar;
  • The spread level at the close of the bar;
  • The average spread level during the bar (displayed as a green dot at the corresponding bar level).

This version of the indicator is free and available for free use. It does not remember the spread values and, if the terminal or indicator is restarted, it starts displaying the spread level from the last bar. If you want to upload a previously obtained spread history, use the Spread Record Standard MT5 version. The distinctive features of the Standart version from Lite are:

  • Displays the maximum spread provided by the MetaTrader 5 platform in the form of red dots at the corresponding levels, displayed when the history of the stored values has not been recorded or is not available.
  • The ability to save and load the spread history from a file, which makes it possible to accumulate the spread history for any trading instrument.

In addition to information about the spread history in the form of price bars, Spread Record Lite MT5 provides a convenient panel for visualizing the current spread level, which allows you to easily control the current spread of the instrument.

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Practical use. Quite often, before the start of a strong movement, spreads tend to expand. Such an expansion of spreads precedes the beginning of a new trend and serves as an excellent signal for entering the market. In addition, many false moves are accompanied by a spontaneous spread expansion. Knowing this, you can build a profitable trading system based on identifying such a false move and then trading against it. You can also enter the market only when the spread level is near its lows. This will help to significantly reduce the slippage and, as a result, your costs.

Set the Spread Record indicator on the minute chart of any instrument and just watch. After some time, you will definitely see interesting spread fluctuations that precede strong market movements, and other interesting signals from the indicator that are easy to use in trading.


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