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SSScalper is one of the best solutions for night scalping of the currency market. It is a system of many selected algorithms and filters that diversify each other. It allows you to make the most of the quiet time at night in the market in favor of the trader. Dynamic virtual Stoploss is used to limit losses. The maximum loss is limited to 550 pips (55 pips). No dangerous methods of trading capital management are used. For maximum productivity, use the Expert Advisor on ECN accounts with minimal spreads.

  • No optimization of the Expert Advisor is required.
  • A large number of pairs in operation allows you to significantly increase the level of diversification, which in turn increases the stability of the balance line of the trading account.
  • Trades are not averaged or overstayed, and martingale is not used.
  • High number of profitable trades.
  • A large number of transactions allows you to earn extra money on rebates.
  • Fixing losses by a hard stop order.
  • Low balance to start conservative trading.

Recommended currency pairs for trading

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  • Money Management

Fixed lot-trading a fixed lot.

Dynamic lot-trading a dynamic lot calculated from the current deposit.

  • Expert Settings

Trade Hour Tester – the hour in which the expert Advisor trades. It is used only for working in the strategy tester. In online mode, this parameter is determined automatically based on the time of the computer on which the terminal is installed. By default, the value 0 is set for brokers with GMT Offset 2 in winter and 3 in summer. If you have a broker with a different GMT Offset, change this parameter.

Magic Number – a unique identifier for transactions. It is used when several experts are trading on the account.

Position Comment – a comment for transactions.

Info Panel-enables and disables the info panel.

  1. Install the Expert Advisor on the traded charts of currency pairs with the M1 timeframe.
  2. Set up the desired Money Management in the settings.
  3. Make sure that the time on the Expert Advisor dashboard matches the current UTC time. (You can view it on various sites, just type “UTC time” in the search engine). If the time does not match, it means that you have the wrong time set on your computer.


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