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Fully automated trading system for MT5!

The Expert Advisor is able to trade on the same terminal with different types of instruments. Controls risks using the Stoploss and TakeProfit settings. Uses TrailingStop to make a profit if the price has not reached TakeProfit and has reversed. The robot does not conflict with itself in processing open positions of the position. A report on each transaction in the logs with a detailed description of their actions. It uses the most optimal and effective indicators for trading. All risk and margin calculations are applied based on the deposit currency.

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?? The investment accountto which the ERT 2.0 robot was installed on January 14, 2021


?? Video instructions for installing and testing the robot


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Magic number settings for correct control of Stoploss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop and avoiding conflict between experts.

Position Settings:

Lot size settings.  The price type for the indicators. Taking positions from opposite directions of indicators.

TrailingStop Settings:


Settings for TrailingStop (fixed, floating, and TrailingStop based on Parabolic Sar).

Risk settings for positions.

Using the RSI to control the opening of positions.

Settings for managing risks on the account.

Settings for the MACD indicator

Settings for using the indicator based on the 3x MA intersection

Using Parabolic Sar for trading.

Trading based on the RSI signal

Closes positions if the signal shows a trend reversal.

Closes positions by time.

Time frame used: M15









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