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Start Midas Fibo Bands


Here we have the Start Midas Fibo Bands, I confess that it is an indicator that excited me enough to operate because I was able to find more defined rules. Well, the indicator has the functions of the other indicators of the Start line, which is a possibility to plot several Midas on the screen, you can move the anchor point using keyboard shortcuts and use the legend to differentiate one anchor from another. The rules that I have analyzed for my possible setup are recommended to the entry, stop and trailling stop criteria (see images).

  • Entry is authorized when the price exceeds the footprint call line 2 (second line in the direction of the transaction). At this point, I can define the direction of the operation and the idea will be to operate on the next Midas touch.
  • When the entry occurs, there would be a defense point (a second entry) on the stop line 1 (first white line in the opposite direction of the operation) and the stop posted on the stop line 2.
  • The trailling stop occurs when the price crosses one of the levels, and the stop comes to the line immediately preceding it.
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