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Click on the currency pair to go to the history testing report


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Run the test on your computer with the parameters specified in the reports above.


All strategies created by “I Love Robots” are aimed at ensuring stable capital growth and minimal drawdown without excessive risk/volatility.

  • Inputs: Input signals are generated by custom oscillators and combined adaptive averages
  • Stops and exits: There are five ways to exit. Hard stop losses and take profits are ALWAYS set first. To create the smoothest curve of funds, 3 additional “hidden” exit methods are used.
  • Money management: fixed or proportional account multiplier. Martingale, grids, and other risky methods are not used.
  • Timeframe: The strategy is designed, tested, and optimized for the daily timeframe. It can also work well on other timeframes, but no separate testing and optimization has been carried out for them.
  • Currencies: Testing was conducted on major and non-major currencies, and the best results were obtained on the symbols listed above.
  • Trading Frequency: Using the parameters specified in the test reports, you can safely expect 10-20 transactions with one currency per month. That is, if this Expert Advisor is launched with 10 currencies, the number of transactions issued will be approximately 100-200 per month, or 5-10 transactions per day.
Important: After the purchase, you can run the Expert Advisor on the number of symbols you want.


We spent a lot of time setting up the system, so you don’t have to optimize it. Optimization based on daily data for 10-15 years for 18 currencies using a fixed lot size. Links to currencies at the top of this page lead to test reports, which indicate the best parameters for a particular currency in our opinion.

From the test results, we selected the most smoothed profit growth curves. All you have to do is select the “Trading_Risk” setting with the desired drawdown and profit combination according to your risk tolerance and account size.

Note: The optimization was carried out using a FIXED lot. This allows you to choose the lot size or money management that suits your risk, drawdown, and account size.

Note: The optimization was carried out using a FIXED lot. This allows you to choose the lot size or money management that suits your risk, drawdown, and account size.


There are two ways to select the desired risk, they are configured using the following properties of the Expert Advisor:

  • Fixed_Lotsize: Use a fixed lot size. The value in this field indicates the size of the lot being traded. Scalping or money management is not used. The value in this field takes precedence over the value in the Variable_Lotsize field.
  • Variable_Lotsize: The value of the lot multiplier, which sets the lot size based on the funds in the account and ensures that the lot increases along with the account growth.

The value of Variable_Lotsize must be selected by optimizing ONLY this setting, and when choosing a value that gives a drawdown/profit, you must choose the one that best suits your account size, drawdown, and profit requirements.


“I love Robots” is committed to making sure that you get the most out of our expert advisor, so if you are not already familiar with it, follow our instructions.

This way you will get the optimal settings for your trading style, which will be saved for the future.


If you need help, ask your questions in the Discussion section.


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