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Trading expert Steve is a brand new word in that the world of financial robots. This is a fully automatic robot, optimized with convolutional neural networks and tested around real accounts. 
The decision-making mechanism is based on an assortment of behavioral and price factors derived from stock markets around the world. daily, the main host to which the trading robot is linked analyzes news from the news aggregators Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, quotations and behaviour of traders on the London, Tokyo Stock trades, NYSE Euronext and NASDAQ, choices on the Chicago Stock Exchange. The study also includes the management of costs for correlated instruments, dependencies on related markets. The main server continuously optimizes the trading robots, taking into account the received information and, if necessary, sends the expert new trading parameters.
The server transmits the most relevant information for the current day to the robot. In turn, the expert analyzes the current situation on the trader’s account: the current balance, equity, leverage, spread, highs and lows, quotes provided by the broker. After the analysis, the robot decides on the opening of the operation and the traded volume. The position is also closed based on the data received from the main server, as well as the current market situation. The volume of the opened position is calculated taking into account the current market volatility, news release, and the liquidity of the traded instrument. 

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The risk management system is built into the Expert Advisor by default. The trader has the opportunity to diversify their risks: when running three robots on three different symbols, the robots distribute the funds entrusted to them into three parts and each uses only a certain amount for trading.
Evolutionary algorithms for parameter optimization, neural networks and other machine learning techniques, as well as the experience of financial analysts, make the Steve robot a trading system based on rigorous calculations and practical trading methods. The processing of the obtained data, as well as their continuous integration into the trading robot model, allows us to say that Steve is a new word in the market of robots for algorithmic trading.


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