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The indicator is designed to determine the trend direction and price reversal points. This indicator is a deeply modified Parabolic SAR.

  • Does not redraw
  • Calculation on an active candle
  • If the price is higher than the indicator, the trend is up. If the price is lower than the indicator, the trend is down;


  • if the color and direction of the trend has changed, open a position and close it with a take profit, or hold the position until the next trend change.
  • you can also trade on the price rebound from the indicator.
  • the indicator can be used as an addition to your trading system for additional confirmation.
  • the indicator shows itself best on lower timeframes. Therefore, it is well suited for those who prefer scalping in trading.

  • BarsHistory – how many bars to use to display the indicator.
  • IndicSpeed-display of the indicator with acceleration of data readings.
  • send_notifications-sending a message about a trend change to a smartphone.

* true – enabled, false-disabled.

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