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Setting multi-currency virtual stop levels (take profit and stop loss). Virtual stop levels work like normal levels on the server/broker side, but they are invisible to your broker and are stored exclusively in the” memory ” of the Expert Advisor.

The Expert Advisor allows you to flexibly filter and process positions by:

The Expert Advisor can be installed on any chart and used simultaneously with any other trading robot.

The product also offers:

The Expert Advisor provides stable and correct operation when the terminal or computer is restarted, as well as after the loss of the Internet connection.

The product is designed for traders who want to use stop loss and take profit orders without showing them to the broker.

  • type_filling: position execution type;
  • Symbol_: List of tools for a multi-currency Expert Advisor;
  • Magic: magic number, 0-disabled;
  • SlippageClose: slippage to close a position;
  • VirtualTP: virtual take profit with auto-counting of punctuation;
  • VirtualSL: virtual stop loss with automatic point-to-point calculation;
  • Spread_: add a spread to the virtual stop loss;
  • TradeMode: work only with buy and sell positions.
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