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The indicator is multi-currency, it simultaneously analyzes 56 currency pairs:

It is important that all currency pairs are in the market overview and quotes are loaded for them.

The indicator shows the growth or fall of a certain currency in relation to 7 other currencies, both individually and in total. The indicator values are expressed as a percentage. The total values are also displayed as a horizontal histogram.

  • Type_Calculation – three options for calculating the percentage ratio of the growth or fall of the currency
  • Prefix-is used when there is a prefix in the designations of currency pairs, for example: EURUSD.fxp, then the Prefix = .fxp setting
  • TIME_FRAMES – the period of the chart for calculating the indicator values, 0-means the period of the current chart, it is recommended to use D1(1440)
  • shift – the number of the bar for which calculations will be made, 0 – means the current bar, 1-the previous one, etc.
  • color_upwards – the color of positive values
  • color_downwards – the color of negative values
  • color_designations – the color of descriptions and designations
  • color_upwards_Line – the color of the lines for positive values
  • color_downwards_Line – the color of the lines for negative values
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