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Super Prediction System


Super Prediction System is one of the rare indicators that not only do not delay trading signals, but also display them in advance! This way you get a forecast of the price movement before other traders.

The indicator does not redraw and does not change the signals on the historical data.

The signal (arrow) appears immediately after the opening of the candle.

The indicator combines our experience gained in tracking the activities of the world’s largest banks using the most modern technologies, neural networks and accurate tick history.

Get the most accurate data. The appearance of an arrow at the opening of a new candle indicates the most likely movement of the market in the direction indicated by the arrow.

You will never get lost in a stream of useless features and settings!
The indicator is suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

The indicator has only one setting – Power_X, which changes the indicator at a speed acceptable to the trader.

Super Prediction System trading Signals are easy to use! As soon as the Super Prediction System displays an arrow at the opening of the candle, it is likely that the market will go in the appropriate direction.

The market is very likely to follow the direction indicated by the arrow at the opening of the candle. You can enter into a trade, as well as increase the volume of the existing one in the same direction. Trading signals are especially effective at the beginning of strong trends.

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If you have already opened a position and the arrow does not appear at the opening of the next candle, this is a reason to be wary, as the market is losing strength. However, this does not mean that the market will necessarily turn around.

If the new arrow contradicts the direction of your current trade, it is recommended to close the position.

Day traders and scalpers are advised to set a low Power_X value
variable and trade on small intraday timeframes.

For long-term and swing traders, a higher Power_X value will be suitable.


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