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Super Spread Spreed MT5


The indicator displays the spread size for the current instrument on the chart. Very flexible in settings. It is possible to set the maximum spread value, after exceeding which, the color of the spread label will change, and a signal will sound (if enabled in the settings). The indicator will be very convenient for people who trade on the news. You will never enter a trade with a large spread, as the indicator will notify you about it both visually and by sound.

Input parameters:

AlerT-true-a sound signal is enabled when the spread limit is exceeded

spread_limit – the maximum spread above which the signal sounds and the color changes

color_norm – color of the normal spread

color_big – the color of the high spread


font_size – font size

width_X-X coordinate

height_Y-Y coordinate

background-true-display in the background

corner – in which corner to display the label

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