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Bollinger Bands Width indicator - fixing BB shortcomings

Bollinger Bands Width indicator - fixing BB shortcomings

September 5, 2023

Bollinger Bands or Bollinger Bands (BB) is a channel indicator that has a serious drawback. It

Bulls and Bears power indicators - who is stronger in the market

Bulls and Bears power indicators - who is stronger in the market

September 5, 2023

The movement of quotes is a struggle between buyers and sellers, trying to push the price in on

Chande Kroll Stop indicator - a tool for setting stops

Chande Kroll Stop indicator - a tool for setting stops

September 5, 2023

Most indicators are used to search for signals to enter the market, a preliminary analysis of h

Beloved MQL5 participants,

I would love to provide you with a real work of art – SuperBot offered for both MT4 and also MT5 systems with the capability to trade 22 money sets completely. We have actually had the ability to integrate a variety of devices that operate in an ideal synergy with not one, not 2, yet 3 semantic networks completely. Although it is a really complicated and also one of the most sophisticated Professional Consultant we have actually created thus far, utilizing it is quite simple and also does not call for years of experience in algo trading. The purpose was to attain max earnings with the most affordable feasible DD so maybe ideal for prop solid accounts. Every little thing you require to understand about it is described in the article listed below, nonetheless, if something is unclear please do not think twice to ask me anything any time. Constantly delighted to aid if required.

Exactly how does it execute?

  • Real-time signal:

Real-time signal:

Highlight of the SuperBot:

  • Expert system kind of Professional Consultant
  • Multicurrency.

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

10 September 2022


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cyberryder September 20, 2022 5:53 am

– upside: From BT: Fantastic profit factor, recovery factor and sharpe ratio and multi-symbol capability – downside: As with the other vendor’s EAs, its kind of a long term scalper and as with all scalper-characteristics EAs, your account is only protected from blowing if (1)you can give the EA optimal trading condition and (2)market conditions stay favorable, so that the EA can maintain the very high win rate. You’ve to closely monitor daily and optimize as needed. According to vendors backtest shown on product page: Avg loss 2854 USD / avg win 393 USD = You need 7 wins to make up for 1 SL (-2 stars). I’m in 0.01lot live testing phase to monitor slippage and performanance across multiple brokers. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Lets see how those stats look after 1 month and if it was worth buying another EA from this vendor. – Vendor personality (-2 stars): Matching the usal vendor-type on this platform: Greedy, ignorant and far too much ego for establishing a great customer-service-mindset and putting that mind-set into practise, which would result in buyer-transparency, which would result in buyer-trust and which would reduce/elliminate red flags.

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