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SuperTrend Oscillator LUX


  • Size: Interval of the “common true vary” used within the calculation of the SuperTrend 
  • Mult: Multiplicative issue for the “common true vary” 
  • Easy: Determines the diploma of smoothing of the histogram 
  • Fastened Transparency: Use a hard and fast transparency for the primary oscillator 
  • Present Traces: Present the traces displayed by the indicator 
  • Present Labels: Present the labels displayed by the indicator  


The indicator is in a spread of (-100,100) with values nearer to 100/-100 indicating a stronger development. The principle oscillator worth above 0 signifies that the worth is above the SuperTrend. 

It’s potential to establish when a retracement is current in a development. That is usually indicated by an oscillator worth transferring inside 50/-50. 

Sure crosses between the worth and SuperTrend may be filtered out when the histogram and foremost oscillator have a distinct signal (right here foremost = 1, histogram = -1). 

We embody numerous indications so as to analyze the indicators returned by the SuperTrend. The indicator shows symbols indicating whether or not a sign was false or not. 

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A cross image can be displayed on the high of the displayed traces when the earlier Purchase sign was false, else a checkmark is displayed. Symbols displayed on the backside of the traces are referring to promote indicators. We additionally present a proportion of false indicators, calculated over your complete chart historical past. 


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