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Sure Fire Hedging Strategy


The Expert Advisor implements a long-known strategy from the book “Sure Fire Hedging Strategy”.

This strategy uses a hedging order with a large lot size for the last (counter) order and makes a profit if the free margin is large enough.

The Expert Advisor should be used in conjunction with a good money management system.

In the Expert Advisor settings, you can select a pending or market order as a hedging order.

Take profit and stop loss are based on the book “Sure Fire Hedging Strategy”. The TP/SL values are 30/60.

Automatic placement of the first order has several conditions (using HLH4 Trend, as well as tracking the High Low trend on the H4 timeframe):

  • the first order is to buy if HLH4 represents a bullish trend.
  • the first order is to sell if HLH4 is a bearish trend.
  • orders are not placed if HLH4 is flat. But if you still want to continue opening orders, just set M1_Trend to true. The EA will be able to place the first buy or sell order if the HLH4 system is flat.

Features of the trailing stop:

  • Activated if Hidden_TP_SL is falseand Trailing_STOP_Enable is true.
  • Always takes priority for the latest hedging orders of the same type.

Below is an example of using First_Hedge_Lot_Times equal to 4, First_Hedge_Lot equal to 3, and Next_Hedge_Lot equal to 2:

[spoiler title=”

(lot multiplier 3.0 is used 4 times)

Scan_Order Features:

  • If Scan_Order is true, the automatic placement of the first order is blocked. The Expert Advisor tracks orders placed manually or by another Expert Advisor and hedges them if necessary.

Example of using a regular SL/TP (trailing stop is not activated):

  • SL/TP 30/30 (in pips), Hidden_TP_SL must be false, Step must be 300, Hedge_TP must be 300, and Hedge_SL must be 600.
  • SL/TP 50/50 (in pips), Hidden_TP_SL must be false, Step must be 500, Hedge_TP must be 500, and Hedge_SL must be 1,000.
  • SL/TP 100/100 (in pips), Hidden_TP_SL must be false, Step must be 1,000, Hedge_TP must be 1,000, and Hedge_SL must be 2,000.
  • SL/TP 10/10 (in pips), Hidden_TP_SL must be false, Step must be 100, Hedge_TP must be 100, and Hedge_SL must be 200.

Advantages of using hidden TP/SL:

  • Hidden levels protect against spread extensions, slippages, requotes, and other unfair actions of brokers. With a target profit value or a percentage value, order slippage or step mismatch is not a big problem. As long as the EA follows the profit target, the exact distance between orders is not important.
  • The Expert Advisor works with any broker, with any slippage and spread.


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