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SWing3 metatrader 4


An indicator that depends on liquidity and moving average > which give u the 98% of correct decision buy and sell. and the time to close the trade.

PRICE will increase from time to time > and when the first EA will launch depend on this indicator will be more than 2k.

1-when to open buy or sell positions (depend on the cross of two lines X and points calculations depend on the Frame selected)

(the cross should be outside the colored area) the candle must touch the cross during or(First or second till fifth ) after the cross

the points counted when last conditions confirmed under the cross directly

2-when the yellow line start curves outside the next area is signal to close position

3-works on Frames (1m 5m 10m 15m 30m 1h 4h daily weekly and monthly)(all pairs>and all commodity ) majors Recommended

4- put trail stop after gaining ..(55%) of gain 

5-recommended lot 0.01 for each trade for 1000$ stack

distribute the positions in different pairs examples:( usdjpy eurgbp gold )

6-sometimes the candle doesn’t touch the cross (two lines crossed as pictures) but it’s higher than the cross in sell position predicated ( its perfect trade condition to sell)  (the blue area u waiting for sell open) note: (apply all previous condition without candle touch condition)

7-sometimes the candle doesn’t touch the cross (two lines crossed as pictures) buts it’s lower than the cross in buy position predicated (its perfect trade condition to buy) (the red Area u waiting for buy open) note: (apply all previous condition without candle touch condition)

8-when bad news comes, reduce the risk and lot of the positions. 

when u buy or rent connect me privately with receipt picture, I will serve u

BLUE:(You are Looking For Sell).

RED:(You are Looking For Buy).


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