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pro will switch side from averaging to pyramid.
phase 1: pro will carry out averaging when the initial begin place experiences a reduction.
phase 2: If there is still a loss, the pro will open the opposite position.
Stage 1: expert averaging 5 short positions
Stage 2: in 6th position onwards the expert will open a long position
Input parameters:
Trade buy: enable buy
Trade Sell: allow sell
Open Position Mode: Select the open position method
Reverse the sign: Reverse signal for Start with Hilo
Hilo timeframe: Select Hilo One Timeframe
Minimum Range to Start Pending Order
Distance of pending orders from the current price (in pips): Distance of pending orders from the current price
Step size to move pending order (in pips): Trendline will move to the latest prices according to the number of sizes entered.
Lot Type: Select lot type
AutoLot: use automatic lot calculation
Risk% (if AutoLot = true): risk per trade for calculation of the auto lot size.
if Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: fill in the initial lot
Multiplier for Martingale: Multiplier lot coefficient

Maximal Lots: max lot per trade
Maxtrade: Max trade allowed
Number of trades to start Switch Side, Averaging to Pyramid: fill in the number of trades to start switching side
Step (in pips): Distance to open the next position
Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiplier coefficient
Minimum profit for close all $: Minimum profit to close all positions, in money.
Target Equity, in money (Must be greater than the equity start): bot will stop working if reached the target equity. Fill in a larger target equity for the bot to run again.
Cut loss if loss $: close all positions when the cutloss target is reached, in money.
Stop trade by Drawdown (in percentage): Use stop trade by drawdown
Stop trade if Drawdown%: fill in the percentage of the drawdown
Trailling (in money): Trail profit in money. Can be used for recovery mode.
Trail Money All (in Percentage): Trail profit in percentage. Can be used for recovery mode.
Use Auto Close Partial, in money: drawdown reduction algorithm, in money
Number of trade to activate partial close: Number of open positions to start applying partial close.
Minimum profit to close partial $: Minimum profit amount to do partial close, in money.
Use time control: Limit trading hours
Start Hour: The start hour
Start minute: Minutes start
End Hour: The hour ends
End minute: The minute ends
Close all positions at the End of Session: Close all positions at the end of the session.
Max Spread (in Pips): allowed spreads.
Coefficient (if Freeze = 0 Or StopsLevels = 0): Multiplier coefficient when freezelevel / stoplevel = 0
Magic Number: fill in different numbers if trade the same pairs in 1 MT5 terminal.
Continue new cycle management: stops new cycle at the specified hour and only manages positions that are still open. Timing use local time or vps time.
Text Color: Font color
Line Width: Line width

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11 December 2020


16 January 2021

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Eduardo Linares January 25, 2021 4:20 am

Very well built EA, seems with great possibility. Testing on demo accounts for now with quite good results. Probably will examine on actual account next year. My compliments to programmer.