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Indicator that synchronizes the charts, that is, when the symbol is replaced in one of the charts, all those that appear with the synchronized indicator are changed, with the same timeframe (Same_Timeframe = true) or with different timeframes (Same_Timeframe = false). The graphics to be synchronized are identified by color (Label).
To synchronize the indicators, the indicator must be inserted in all the charts to be synchronized, using the same color (Label).
A box with the chosen color (Label) and the identification A, for the same timeframe and D, for different timeframes, is inserted in the chart.
For charts that synchronize the timeframe (A) it is necessary to choose a main chart that will change the timeframe of the other charts. For this you must select an option Main_chart = true. In this graphic the color box will appear with a golden border and a letter M. This option should be selected for 1 graphic only.
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