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The SynchroCharts utility allows you to simultaneously view historical quotes on several charts by synchronizing the charts by time and timeframe. The utility creates a toolbar with tools on all charts after launch:

  • Speed refresh-The speed of updating graphs: the higher the refresh rate is selected , the faster the graphs are redrawn, but the higher the load on the terminal;
  • Crosshair color – The color of the “crosshair” line on the charts;
  • Crosshair style – The style of the “crosshair” line”;
  • Crosshair in the background – If true, the “crosshair” line is drawn in the background.

Tip #1: Download the free utility Automatic Download Quotes – it automatically monitors the relevance of historical data in your terminal and, if necessary, downloads them from the server itself.
Tip #2: If you often view the history, we also recommend installing the free Smart AutoScroll utility on the chart. It will automatically disable auto-scrolling of the chart as soon as you start viewing the history.
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