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Synchronized Cross for MT5


The Synchronized Cross indication permits you to connect cross hairs from several graph home windows. This implies that as you relocate the cross hair in one
graph, all various other cross hairs will certainly relocate with each other by immediately remaining on the very same time.

If, for instance you are relocating your computer mouse arrow in a M5 duration (see screenshots), the crosshair will certainly reveal as a line in the greater
durations, and also as a location in the reduced durations. Hence making it simpler to associate durations.

The input specifications are self informative, primarily shades and also line designs.

However you can additionally integrate your crosshair amongst various money for individuals hedging their settings throughout various money.
Simply establish the specification to incorrect.

Remarks are constantly welcome to enhance this indication additionally.

  • Should I just integrate very same money?: Ready to real to just reveal the cross in the very same money as
    the one with the indication, incorrect to reveal it almost everywhere.
  • CrossColor: shade of the cross
  • lineStyle: line design of the cross
  • Program a rectangular shape on the reduced durations in this shade: history shade of the rectangular shape in the reduced duration
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