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TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro EA


TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro EA is based on our popular Donchian Trend Pro indicator! This EA uses a trend trading strategy based on the Donchian Channel indicator with additional key indicators to detect high probability trend setups.

The EA does not use dangerous strategies. No Martingale, No Grid, No Arbitrage, Only Real Stop Loss and Take Profit.

4 Copies Left at $290. Next price is $349

Link to EA MT5 Version

4 Copies Left at $290. Next price is $349

Link to EA MT5 Version

Multi-Timeframe Trend Trade Filter

  • The EA can detect higher timeframe trend to make sure that your entry timeframe and its higher timeframe are in the same direction of the trend.

Win Percentage Rate Trade Filter

  • The EA can filter trades based on previous win rate of the current instrument you are trading.

Trailing Stops (3 Options)

  • ATR Trailing Stops – uses the ATR value to determine stop loss
  • Trailing Steps – updates the stop loss for every pip increase in the direction of your trade
  • TakePropipsTrailingStop – once TP1 is hit, the SL will immediately move to breakeven for TP2
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