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Tandem Lite is a multi-currency expert Advisor that trades simultaneously on 2 pairs with a strong correlation, from support or resistance levels.

The Tandem Lite Expert Advisor opens the first order on the EURUSD currency pair and a hedging order in USDCHF, when a certain level is reached
resistance or support, which are determined based on the price movement for the two currency pairs selected in the settings. Further
closing orders serves as a signal to open new trades. Thus, the Expert Advisor makes transactions constantly over time.

If the price movement continues in the opposite direction to the open orders, when a new signal appears in the same direction as the
previous trades. Then new orders will be opened, and the previous ones will continue trading. Otherwise, only new
positions will be opened, and the previous ones will be closed regardless of the profit results. Positions are opened and closed only at the opening of a new

This version works on the EURUSD and USDCHF currency pairs, the lot size is also equal to the minimum allowed lot size by the broker. Other
parameters can be optimized and changed at the user’s request.

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