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Target Trainer Demo MT5


This demo version differs from the full version in the number of random tasks (6 pcs).
The full version can be found here:

How it works:
Situations for analysis are selected at random.
(The more historical data, the greater the number of examples).
Click “Start Game“. Between the orange vertical lines is the area on the basis of which you want to make a forecast.
There may be indicators on the chart, the chart may be empty, a graphical analysis may be drawn, anything that can help the analyst correctly predict the next move.
Each subsequent click on the chart sets the level where the analyst expects the price to move.
When you click on the “Next Target” button, the chart shifts. Between the orange and red vertical lines is the area during which the price should have touched the specified target.

If there was a touch, we are credited with a profitable trade, and a label is displayed at the place where the trade was closed.
If there was no touch, we are credited with a losing trade.

The percentage of successful forecasts is used to evaluate the effectiveness.

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