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Professional Convergence Indicator/Trend Divergence (Trend Convergence/Divergence)

The TCD indicator is based on the convergence/divergence of the trend, it shows an “uptrend
(when the trend is rising) and “downtrend” (when the trend is falling).
In the middle there is a configurable “stop zone”,
in which you can not trade.
In short, the TCD indicator shows where to start or finish
You can run multiple instances of the TCD indicator on all timeframes. It includes
all non-lagging MA. (See the description of the MAi indicator)
With TCD, your trading will become more accurate, realistic, and more efficient.
Like all our indicators, MAi has
a built-in ” history slider testing “technology.
The program can operate in two automatic modes:

1. Slider mode

Watch the video about “testing” in HD: https://youtu.be/1DoxMGNETos

  • FMA_method [ILRS] – FMA method
  • FMA_step [12] 0-100-FMA step
  • * FMA_smooth [0] 0-100-FMA smoothing
  • * FMA_v_factor [0.0] 0.0-50.0 – FMA volume factor
  • * FMA_lambda [0.3] 0.0-100.0-FMA lambda (only available for REMA, REMA_Hull)
  • Stop_level% [25] 0-100-stop level in percent [ – %] (no trading zone)
  • Signal_level% [100.0] 0-100. 0 – Signal level as a percentage [%]
  • Signal_delay [4] 1-20-Signal delay [bars]
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000-displays the last bar (from left to right in descending order, 0 is the last one)
  • PastBars [200] 10-6000-history bars (left)

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*FMA = Fast Moving Average
*depending on the nature of the moving averages, it may not be available for some methods


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