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Telegram Messages MT5


With this utility, you can receive any messages from the Telegram channel in which your bot consists directly to the MT4 Terminal. It can be you or your customers. The Telegram Messages utility is easy to use, and everyone can configure it.

MT4 version 

? Telegram chat for questions and discussion:


  1. Tools -> Settings – > > Expert Advisors – > > > Allow WebRequest for the following URLs (Add URL:  );
  2. Create your own bot in the Telegram at @BotFather. Remember the Token, it looks something like this 1145950110:AAGuDFVkEQlDtjSaXMgQEhWzc7BOQ6TZ8xI;
  3. Create your own channel and make it public;
  4. Add a bot to your channel and make it an administrator. Write any first message, such as ” HELLO WORLD!”;
  5. Follow the link: [BOT_TOKEN]/SendMessage?chat_id=@[USERNAME_CHANNEL]
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