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The Grid Inside works in counter-trend mode, automatically opens a new order when the target price is reached at the Fibonacci levels of 23.6 and 73.6.

If the price goes in an unfavorable direction, another order is opened with the calculated lot size and price.

All positions are closed when the target profit specified in the parameters is reached.

Due to the fact that TGI does not use a stop loss, it is not recommended to set it on an account with an amount more than you can afford to lose.

You can set a margin limit for closing orders when the specified margin target level is reached.

I recommend using a virtual server( VPS), an H1 timeframe, and a PipStep parameter of 40 or higher. The recommended initial deposit is 1200 USD or higher with a minimum lot of 0.01.

The Expert Advisor works on any currency with a low spread, the maximum value is about 15.

  • UseMM – use money management, the initial lot size is multiplied according to the amount in the account.
  • FixedLot – fixed lot value.
  • moneyTarget – the number of points at which all trades will be closed, works as a virtual take profit.
  • depositLoad – used for money management, the value for each initial lot (for example: for 2000 – > initial lot is 0.01, for 4000 – > > initial lot is 0.02).
  • maxMarginLimit-margin limit when using moneyTarget, if trading becomes too risky, all trades are closed at marginTarget.
  • marginTarget-similar to moneyTarget, trades are closed when this value is reached.
  • cciPeriod – the number of bars to calculate the CCI indicator.
  • cciPrevious – the last bar to compare with the current CCI value.
  • cciHighLowLevel – the highs and lows taken into account by the CCI indicator.
  • displayInfo-enable the display of information.
  • buyAndSell-allow simultaneous use of sell and buy orders.
  • lotFactor – lot multiplier for subsequent orders.
  • PipStep – minimum distance to move the new target level.
  • pipStepExpo-minimum distance multiplier for the new target price.
  • targetThreshold – the minimum distance up or down from the last price.
  • minChannelHeight – the minimum distance for the maximum and minimum price levels to start trading.
  • maxChannelHeight – the maximum distance for the maximum and minimum price levels to open a new trade.
  • channelBars – the number of bars required to calculate the maximum and minimum candle prices.
  • uniqueSymbol-simultaneous operation on only one character, if false, the restrictions on simultaneous operation with other pairs are removed.
  • initHour – trading start time (GMT).
  • EndHour – trading end time (GMT).
  • Monday – allow trading on Mondays.
  • Tuesday – allow trading on Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday – allow trading on Wednesdays.
  • Thursday – allow trading on Thursdays.
  • Friday – allow trading on Fridays.
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