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  • All tools are suitable;
  • Multiple strategies;
  • Important levels, recommendations;
  • Flexibility in settings for different instruments and intervals.
  • B,S-predict the direction of movement of the candle at the beginning or at the close of the candle. Recommended TF from H4 and above.
  • Yellow dots are the recommended SL.
  • Green squares are the recommended TP.
  • SL-By default 6, I recommend choosing from 6 to 12. The higher this value, the lower the probability of triggering the SL.
  • TP  By default, 4, I recommend choosing from 3 or 5. The lower this value, the higher the probability of triggering TP.
  • btext, stext-Replacing text on the chart;
  • W_MODE_SET – 10 types of settings for the main strategy, from 0 to 10. It can be individually adjusted for each pair and interval;
  • AAA_filter-Filter of the main strategy;
  • TestTrendFilter-The filter of the main strategy, gives signals only in the trend, which is determined by the new logic;
  • Text indent – Indent of the text.
  • The limit bars for greater performance (if true) – Using the “step” parameter, you can reduce or increase the amount of historical data displayed on the chart, as well as improve performance;
  • HISTORY BARS – The number of bars where the history will be displayed by default.
  • Use Signal only when the candle closes-Set true to get a signal when the candle closes;
  • NEW_REVERS-Predictive strategy for finding reversal points. Recommended chart period, no lower than H4. 
  • Use the main forecasting strategy – Use the main forecasting strategy;
  • Hide Main Future Strategy TF < H4? – Hide the signals of the main strategy below the H4 interval;
  • SL_ – (Enable/Turn off) Dynamic SL.
  • TP_ – (Enable/Turn off) dynamic TP.
  • Levels-Allows you to disable and enable level strategies;
  • Alerts-The indicator sends sound notifications if true;
  • The PUSH Indicator sends Push notifications if true;
  • MAIL-The indicator sends messages to the mail, if true;
  • TextFontSize – Font size;
  • Font_style – Font style.

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03 December 2014


10 January 2021

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Gennadii Oganisian February 16, 2021 8:17 am

A fantastic vendor, the signal performs flawlessly, after a while you can add a couple of filters and there will be an excellent program. I suggest it !

Audai Louri February 16, 2021 8:17 am

Honestly I get this instrument to get quite valuable. We have to say it has a great success price when you know the way you use it. I tried it for 1 time and located some good final results. I am just honestly about to give it a try for the next 90 days then Purchase this tool after my analysis. A single great thing will be to begin to see the success prices on every money combine to generate a greater choice through to key in or otherwise not. Maybe a potential addition. Superb sign! Well done and Thanks a lot!

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