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Specialized Binary Options Indicator. 

The name positive zone is inspired by how this indicator ultimately made me feel, which is “Positive”. Not only from a emotional stand point
but from a financial one. Once you start earning from this indicator it will give you that runners high, or that nice buzz after you finish a
warm cup off coffee in the morning and blast on Cumbawamba’s on hit wonder Tubthumping.

The key to winning Binary Option is patience and controlling your emotion. This is why this indicator is so good. It
does not have as much signals as all those other junk you find on the Internet, but this Indicator has the highest accuracy once a signal is
generated. It’s accuracy is based on its analysis of the higher time frame, and grid combination.

  • This indicator is recommended for 1 minute time frame. Because if you use it on higher time frame you will have to wait a while until a signal
    is given.  But i know for certain that most binary options traders already use the 1 minute time frame.
  • There are 2 type of signal. Thumbs up/down and arrow up/down. 
  • Thumbs up or arrow up = Call/buy
  • Thumbs down or arrow down = Put/sell
  • Thumb is the main signal to follow. Place your position right after the close of the candle with the thumb.
  • The Arrow signal is less frequent than the thumb, but is sligtly more accurate. Check out the screenshots for more info.
  • Place 1 or 2 minute trades
  • Has alert, so once you hear the alert get ready.
  • No repaint, No nonsense

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If you are into automated trading, like MT2IQ for IQ-Options or things similar, this is by far my most recommended signal for to use with your

Also i want people to be Positive that there is a huge potential in Binary Options. Forget the haters. You can achieve great things with binary

I hope this indicator can bring you where i’m at. Download the demo. Rent it or Buy it, which ever you prefer.



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