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This indicator informs you about any changes in the MT4 terminal by voice, for example, it tells you what was done by the robot: opening new orders, canceling pending orders, and so on. At first glance, this is a useless feature, but it can make your MT4 / 5 terminal more fun and informative, different from others.

This indicator takes up quite a lot of space, but it does not interrupt the operation of your MT4 terminal, since it does not need to be installed on all charts, but only on one.

The indicator can be supplemented with additional voice files, for example, with your voice. Additional voice files can also be found at forexchip.com. Just download them, they are free.

If you want to use your voice files, just change the path in the input parameters, for example, AdditionalVoiceOwnfiles.

Below are the names that you need to use in order for your files to work. They also need to be placed in a specific directory. In this case, it is MQL4IndictorsMarketAdditionalVoiceOwnfiles.

  • cash_in.wav
  • cash_out.wav
  • new_pending_order_placed.wav
  • new_position_added.wav
  • new_position_opened.wav
  • pending_order_cancelled.wav
  • pending_order_price_modified.wav
  • pending_order_sl_tp_modified.wav
  • pending_order_stoploss_modified.wav
  • pending_order_takeprofit_modified.wav
  • position_sl_tp_modified.wav
  • position_stoploss_modified.wav
  • position_takeprofit_modified.wav

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If you don’t want to use additional files, just restore the default settings by changing the path to ::


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