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TheStrat TFC Monitor


When trading using TheStrat, it is important to keep an eye on multiple timeframes.

This indicator will show the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly state of the current candle for each timeframe.

  • A Circle icon shows that the candle on that timeframe is currently an Inside, or Type 1 in TheStrat terminology. An Inside Day candle is consolidating price action, and we are looking for a breakout of the range.
  • A Triangle icon, pointing up or down, is a trending candle, or Type 2 in TheStrat terminology. A Trending candle can be either Bullish or Bearish, indicating that it has broken out of the previous candles range and is now trending in one direction.
  • A Square icon is an Outside candle, or Type 3 in TheStrat terminology. This indicates two things, one that price is undecided about direction on that timeframe, and likely quite choppy, and two, that on lower timeframes there are likely good opportunities for trading short reversals. The square will be either a Bullish or Bearish colour to show which side is currently winning.

The colours used for each icon can be configured to your tastes, and the size of the text and icons are also configurable.

Timeframe Selections


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When True, shows the hourly candle state.


When True, shows the daily candle state.


When True, shows the weekly candle state.


When True, shows the monthly candle state.


When True, shows the quarterly candle state.


When True, shows the yearly candle state.

Display Formatting


The colour to use when drawing inside (Type 1) candles.


The colour to use when drawing bullish trending (Type 2) or Outside (Type 3) candles.


The colour to use when drawing bullish trending (Type 2) or Outside (Type 3) candles.


The Font to use for Headings to the candle state icons.


The size of font to use for the headings. This also controls the overall size of the indicator display.


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