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Tick Speed Pro povides a charted record of tick speed to allow you to see the ebb and flow of market activity. Observing patterns in tick speed may allow you to better time entries to reduce slippage and re-quotes.

The tick speed plot updates it’s entire position to show you only the last N seconds you choose, ideal for scalping and HFT approaches.

An alert is provided to signal when the instrument is getting ticks at a higher rate than the alert limit.

Multiple loadings are supported to compare different time increments, eg ticks/second to ticks/10th-second.

Options include:

– time increment, default is 1second, but can even be 0.5seconds

– history plot size (segments of time increments)

– colored zones for low-mid-high tick speeds

– popup, email and push alerts

– a minimum time gap between alerts


– Note, in the tester environment, tick timings are limited to what is supplied by the tester environment and it’s speed, so the free version is recommended for live testing purposes ().

– If there are any issues or suggestions for the indicator, please comment and let me know. The feedback will be noted and considered in future products and updates.

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