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What is a cryptocurrency airdrop

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop

June 22, 2022

Each developer of a cryptocurrency platform is interested in attracting investors. Most of the

How to properly prepare high-quality quotes before testing

How to properly prepare high-quality quotes before testing

June 21, 2022

The quality of quotes is the basis for effective testing of the tester/manual strategy. And alt

Visual Strategy Builder - expert advisors for MT4 without code knowledge

Visual Strategy Builder - expert advisors for MT4 without code knowledge

June 20, 2022

The main advantage of MT4 in comparison with other platforms is the ability to add custom indica

The Relocating Ordinary Convergence/Divergence( MACD) indication, improved a tick rate graph.

At start-up, it is required to wait on the arrival of the needed quantity of tick information for computations.


  • Rapid EMA duration ‚Äď rapid averaging duration.
  • Slow EMA duration ‚Äď sluggish averaging duration.
  • Signal SMA duration ‚Äď the signal line averaging duration.
  • determined bar ‚Äď the variety of bars on the graph to compute the indication.

After that comply with the criteria that manage the weights of the signals of the MACD oscillator (from 0 to 100). Their summary can be discovered in the MQL5 Recommendation in the area Signals of the MACD oscillator.

  • The oscillator has actually needed instructions ‚Äď the worth of the oscillator on the examined bar is rising/falling.
  • Opposite of the oscillator to needed instructions ‚Äď turnaround of the oscillator.
  • Crossing of major as well as signal line ‚Äď the junction of the major as well as signal lines.
  • Crossing of the major line as well as the absolutely no degree ‚Äď going across of the absolutely no degree.
  • Aberration of the oscillator as well as rate ‚Äď aberration.
  • Dual aberration of the oscillator as well as rate ‚Äď dual aberration.

Barrier numbers: 0 ‚Äď MACD_LINE, 1 ‚Äď SIGNALLINE, 4- SIGNAL_UP, 5- SIGNAL_DOWN.

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28 February 2013


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Mauritz Lourens May 10, 2022 9:58 am

Sorry I see one has to open market window inside terminal and install from there. Works fine then


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