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TIL Timeframe Overlay


The TIL Timeframe Overlay indicator is a great tool for analyzing multiple timeframes. It performs the simple but important task of superimposing candle charts of different timeframes on top of each other, thus allowing you to see the bigger picture, as well as to consider the main trend against the background of noise and price volatility. Examples are shown in the attached screenshots.


  • It works on all timeframes.
  • Works on any character.
  • Displays the entire candle (body and shadows) of other timeframes, including Open, High, Low, and CLOSE prices.
  • You can choose any timeframe for the overlay.
  • Of course, the indicator does not redraw. It displays a new candle after its close (in real time) depending on the selected timeframe.
  • The colors of the candles are customizable.

A few comments:

  • Make sure that the timeframe selected for the overlay is older than the chart on which you are applying it.
  • Due to the limitations of MQL objects, only one instance of this indicator will work correctly at a time.
  • The indicator displays candlesticks only after they are closed.
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