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Tipu Impulse Oscillator


The Tipu Impulse Oscillator (TIO) is based on the Alexander Elder impulse system applied to the Tipu Trend. Tipu Impulse Oscillator highlights the points where the trend is accelerating or slowing down. It can also be used for signals of divergence formation.

  • Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push messages, email notifications, or visual on-screen alerts.
  • An easy-to-use indicator that gives quick signals on impulses for trading
  • It is best suited for trading short-term scalping trades and binary options in combination with the Tipu Trend indicator.
  • It can also be used to signal the formation of divergences on a general trend or price action.

Add the Tipu Panel (located here) and unlock the following additional features.

  • An easy-to-use multi-time frame panel that shows the trend signal of the selected timeframes.
  • Customizable panel that can be placed anywhere on the chart or collapsed to free up space.

Method#1: The Tipu Impulse Oscillator measures the strength of a trend. In combination with the Tipu Trend indicator, the Tipu Impulse Oscillator provides strong and powerful signals for trading. If the market is not trendless, the blue histogram indicates a buy signal, and the red histogram indicates a sell signal. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to confirm signals from other timeframes and/or indicators before making a trading decision.

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Method#2: The Tipu Impulse Oscillator also shows signals of divergence formation. If the price goes up and the TIO goes down, consider covering your buy positions. Conversely, if the price is going down but the TIO is going up, consider covering your sell positions or prepare for a buy confirmation signal.

  • Show Panel?: Visibility settings, select true/false to show the panel. (Tipu Panel should be added to the chart).
  • Short Name for the Panel: Short name for the panel title on the Tipu Panel
  • Alert Shift: delay the candle by signal, enter 1 to send an alert after passing 1 candle
  • Alert Mobile: select true/false to receive push messages, check the correct device settings here
  • Alert onscreen on change: select true/false to get an alert on the screen, this alert is displayed in a separate window
  • Alert email on change: select true/false to receive email notifications, check the correct email settings here.


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