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Toggleable Moving Averages


This is a handy tool if you are used to trading on a clean chart, but sometimes you need to look at the moving averages. You can add up to three different moving averages that can be quickly displayed or hidden from the chart at the touch of a button.

The button can be placed in any corner of the chart with any text. You can also specify the distance from this angle along the x and y axes.

  • Shows / hides the moving averages with a single click on the button
  • Shows up to three moving averages
  • Minimalistic and unobtrusive
  • Remembers the state even when exiting the terminal
  • The data window shows the smoothing method and the period of each moving average
  • The exact location of the buttons as you wish

You can configure the following input parameters.

  • Button text – the text on the button
  • Button X offset – horizontal distance from the corner
  • Button Y offset – vertical distance from the corner
  • Place the button in – in which corner to place the button
  • Period (n) – averaging period
  • Shift (n) – shift in bars
  • Method (n) – smoothing method
  • Apply to (n) – the price used for the calculation

If you want to disable the moving average, set the period to 0.

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Made by Eric Dahlstrand


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