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Tokyo is a Expert Advisor that utilizes forex price trend layouts to enter and exit the marketplace. 

Every transaction includes a fixed require Profit and Stop Loss set from the beginning. Although the values can be altered, it is recommended to keep the default values to get the best performance from the algorithm. 
there’ll consistently be only one trade at a time.

The algorithm has been designed to work best on the EURUSD pair. Feel free to check and experiment with other currency pairs. 
You can use any interval graph, the EA with always be working in the same way.

  • Dynamic lot (per 1000 balance): Dynamically sets the lot size based on the current balance. If the balance is below 1’000 USD, the selected dynamic lot will be the final lot size.
    (Example: Dynamic lot 0.1 and an account balance of 15’000 USD, the lot size of the trade will be 1.5 (0.1*(15’000/1000))
  • Stop Loss (pips): Sets the Stop Loss value in pips. It is recommended to keep the default value.
  • Take Profit (pips): Sets the Take Profit value in pips. It is recommended to keep the default value.
  • Max spread (points): Sets the maximum spread at which a trade will be executed. if the current spread exceeds this value, no trade will be executed.
  • Max Lot (absolute): The maximum lot per trade. If the trade lot is calculated above this value, the lot size is automatically set to the max lot.
  • Magic Number: EA identifier. When running multiple instances of the same EA on one currency pair, this value should be changed for each instance

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During the development, the algorithm was tested and optimised with default settings for the period between 01.04.2019 and 31.12.2020.


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